Links to Hate Groups

Please note: the listing of a web site and link here does not in any way imply an endorsement of any of the views contained in such sites. They are presented for educational purposes only.

In addition, many of these sites may contain material which you will find offensive. If you do not want to be offended, click here to return to the main page.

Race-Based Hate and Nazi Sites

Knights of the White Kamelia -- a branch of the KKK; boy are they pissed off!

The White Aryan Resistance -- this site by Tom Metzger, possibly America's best-known racist leader, tells what whites must do to defend themselves from the non-white onslaught. Make sure you check out their issue positions.

Aryan Nation -- another leading white supremacy group

The German National Socialist Party -- the German National Socialists once had a leader that you might have heard of. His name was Adolph Hitler.

Arthur R. Butz -- this associate professor of electrical and computer engineering is the author of The Hoax of the 20th Century, arguing that the Holocaust never happened.

CODOH -- Commitee for Open Discussion of the Holocaust

Nations of Gods and Earths -- anyone can be a racist. This anti-white site claims that white people were invented by a black scientist 6000 years ago

14 Words Press -- What are the 14 words, you ask? "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children"

America's Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan -- this group's title is as wordy as they are stupid

Stormfront -- "a resource for those courageous men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture."

Religious-Based Hate Sites

Creator's Rights Party -- militant Christian group that advocates armed resistance to the United States. Site includes an essay by Paul Hill, who killed an abortion doctor in Florida

God Hates Fags -- the name says it all

S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T - Society To Remove All Immoral Godless Homosexual Trash

The American Guardian -- here's a sample: "Homosexuality is Satan's diabolical attack upon the family that will not only have upon our next generation, but it will also bring down the wrath of God upon America."

Annwn Publications -- this one isn't as hostile as it is just plain weird. Can you figure out what this guy is talking about?

Jew Watch -- it's amazing someone puts so much effort into their hate

Christian Separatist Church Society -- sample: "We believe that those Judaizers who teach Jewish mentality, which is the true mark of the beast, in order to deceive white Christians into emulating the Jews by keeping the so-called
"Jewish sabbath" are enemies of Christ and have manifested themselves as men who willfully call God a liar."

The Christian Holocaust -- this site presents a list of grievances against Christianity, and then declares that we must declare total war on Christians to save humanity

World Wide Blasphemy -- this group doesn't seem to like Christians

Jewish Defense League -- an anti-Arab site, dedicated to the removal of all Palestinians and Arabs in Israel


The Militia Movement

The Billings (Montana) Assault Militia -- their site includes information on the minimum amount of firepower you will need during the upcoming armed confrontation with the government. However, the site assures you that "this site is for entertainment only."

Militia of Montana Homepage -- the original and still the best

California Militia Homepage -- don't say it couldn't happen here

The Minuteman Press -- this one's borderline scary

North Carolina Citizen Militia -- read all about 'em

American Patriot Network -- "Dedicated to the U.S. Constitution and the new American Revolution that is sweeping the Union."

Bad Attitude Toward Freedom -- this group is dedicated to fighting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, whom they see as "jackbooted thugs"

Hate Speech on Campus

At Cornell University, 4 freshmen put together a list entitled "75 Reasons Why Women (Bitches) Should Not Have Freedom of Speech." They were disciplined by the university for this list, under Cornell's campus speech code.

The UC-Irvine Speech Code -- especially note the sections named "principles of community" and "use of fighting words"

A Model Campus Speech Code -- by the American Communication Association

Statement on Speech Codes -- by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association

American Civil Liberty Union's Statement on Hate Speech

Combating Hate Speech

Hatewatch -- a site dedicated to combating on-line hate speech through education. Great site; includes one of the most comprehensive lists of links that I have seen. Includes most of the above and much more, including international hate sites

Jewish Anti-Defamation League -- battles threats to Jews, sometimes supports censorship