English 230: 18th Century British Literature 

Novels, Women, and the Marketplace

Professor Noelle Brada-Williams 
Class: 7-9:45 PM Tuesday, FO 104
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The history of the early novel in English cannot be extricated from either the importance of women in its birth—as authors, readers, and subject matter, or from the rise of the development of the literary marketplace. With that in mind, we will begin by looking at work by one of the earliest English novelists and arguably the most important woman writer of the era, Aphra Behn. This will include reading one novel and one of her plays—playwriting being the only real avenue of self support for a writer during the Restoration era. We will then read satires on the rise of the literary marketplace and professional writers by Swift and Pope. The satires will be followed by two novels by men who achieved great successes in the literary marketplace by fabricating female narrators, Defoe’s Roxana and Richardson’s Pamela. We will conclude with two novels by prominent women novelists of the second half of the eighteenth-century: The Female Quixote (1752) and Evelina (1778).

Course Objectives:
1. Examination of Restoration and Eighteenth-century literary techniques.
2. Exploration of the material conditions which shaped the production of Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature.
3. Attainment of familiarity with a range of eighteenth-century authors, works, and concepts.
4. Practice summarizing, responding to, and presenting on current critical discussions.
5. Further sharpening of students’ research and writing skills.

Presentation on a Text
Provide an overview of criticism of the text in order to inform our class discussion (may include handout)
Proposal and Annotated Bibliography One-page proposal (for long research paper) plus min. of 10 annotated bibliographic entries     20%
Research Paper 15-20 page essay 40%
Paper presentation 10-minute presentation on a condensed/edited version of your research paper 10%
Participation Participation in 15 classes, including prepared questions and comments on each week’s readings 15%
Total 100%
The participation grade may also include brief written or oral assignments.

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Seven Required Texts:

Recommended Texts:

Reading and Writing Schedule: Expect to read various works of criticism in addition to the primary texts assigned each week.

Week One
August 27, M: Introduction.

Week Two
September 3, M: Labor Day Holiday

Week Three
September 10, M: Aphra Behn, The Rover & Oroonoko

Week Four
September 17, M: Jonathan Swift, Tale of Tub and Battle of the Books

Week Five
September 24, M: Alexander Pope, Dunciad Variorum

Week Six
October 1, M: Defoe, Roxana (to page 202)

Week Seven
October 8, M: Finish Defoe, Roxana

Week Eight
October 15, M: Samuel Richardson, Pamela Vol. I (to page 219)

Week Nine
October 22, M: Samuel Richardson, Pamela Vol. II

Week Ten: Proposal and Annotated Bibliography due
October 29, M: Conclude discussion of Samuel Richardson, Pamela and discuss research projects.

Week Eleven
November 5, M:
Charlotte Lennox, The Female Quixote Vol. I

Week Twelve
November 12, M: Veterans’ Day

Week Thirteen
November 19, M:
Charlotte Lennox, The Female Quixote Vol. II plus appendixes

Week Fourteen
November 26, M:
Frances Burney, Evelina Vol. I and Vol. II through Letter XVII (page 257)

Week Fifteen December 3, M: Complete Burney’s Evelina.

Week Sixteen: 
December 10, M: Research Papers due, presentations of shortened versions of the research papers begins

Finals Week Meeting
December 17, Monday 7:30-10 PM: Paper Presentations Part 2