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This is only a list of quick links to common forms for Physics graduate students. Please see the various university pagees that are referenced for more forms and full context including due dates and where to submit the forms.

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GAPE maintains a comprehensive list of forms for graduate students, the most common of which are linked below:

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The following are rought guidelines for when things are due. For exact dates see the official deadline for current students and for prospective students

Physics Department Graduate Student FAQs

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Virtual Advising
This form can be used to check the progress you've made towards your degree. When you have completed the form you will get advice based on the selections you've made and a summary will be sent to you and to me - once I've reviewed your entries I'll remove your advising hold. You can always follow up with me in person as well. In some cases I will require a follow up appointment before removing the advising hold.

You must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 each semester to avoid academic probation.

You are required to meet the university writing requirement, for students enrolled prior to Fall 2020 this can be met in several ways, please check any that apply:

      My undergrad degree is from the CSU

    For everyone:

There are currently three degrees awarded by the department. Which are you planning to get?

Students must attend at least 75% of the department seminars in one semester. Have you done this (or are you currently doing so)?
You have to take 30 units (typically 5 required physics class, a physics writing class, 3-6 units of research, and 2-3 electives) . Of the required classes which (if any) have you taken so far?

    205 Advanced Dynamics
    210 Electromagnetic Theory
    230 Methods in Mathematical Physics
    263A Quantum Theory
    260 Statistical Mechanics

Of your elective classes. 1 class may be an approved upper division undergraduate physics class (i.e. 100 level). Which (if any) elective courses have you taken?

    117A Astrophysics I
    117B Astrophysics II
    155 Topics in Modern Astronomy
    120B Modern Phys. Lab
    120C Optics Lab
    120D Lasers Lab
    158 Modern Optics
    168 Lasers
    175 Solid State Physics
    208 Electro-Optics
    220 Graduate Optics Lab
    240 Comp. Physics
    248 Optical Metrology

    250 Semiconductor Physics
    255 Advanced Physics
    255C Celestial Mechanics
    258 Optics
    260 Statistical Mechanics
    263B Quantum Theory
    265 Nucelar Physics
    268 Laser Spectroscopy
    275 Solid State Physics
    277 Superconductivity and Magnetism

Credits for classes taken "expire" after 7 years. In some cases credits can be "revalidated" after 7 years. Do you expect to take more than 7 years to graduate?

    Yes No

Are you considering doing a thesis?

    Yes No

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Prospective Student Info

Information for prospective students that applies to all graduate students is available from Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations. A few hilights are listed below, followed by information specific to the department of Physics and Astronomy.

General Info for Applicants

Department Info

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be considered. Letters of recommendation are not required, and the GRE is not required.  For applicants without an undergraduate degree in physics we will typically require that you complete upper division classes in classical mechanics, electricity & magnetism, and quantum mechanics (at SJSU these classes are Phy 105, Phys 110 and Phys 163).  These can be taken before applying, or can be taken after joining the program as a condition of advancement to candidacy.   


The department offers the following:

Info for foreign applicants