• Ph.D. in Philosophy, February 1997; M.A. in Philosophy, May 1993, University of Rochester, USA (1989 - 1996)

  • M.A. in Philosophy, July 1987, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China (1984 - 1987)

  • B.S. in Mathematics, 1982, The PLA Institute of Technology, China (March 1978 - January 1982)


         Departmental picnic in Fall 2001 (at Natural Bridges State Beach, California)

Professional Experience


  • Director of the SJSU Center for Comparative Philosophy, San Jose State University, USA (2007-2010 term and 2010-2013 term)

  • Faculty Member [Professor (tenured), present; Associate Professor (tenured); Assistant Professor (tenure-track), since 2000), Department of Philosophy, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA

  • Visiting Scholar (with research grant), 1999-2000, Department of Philosophy, University of California at Berkeley, California, USA

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, 1998-1999, Department of Philosophy, Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York, USA

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy, 1997-1998, University of Rochester, USA

  • Assistant Research Fellow (equivalent to the rank of Assistant Professor), 1987-1989, Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China


Guest speaker, Donald Davidson (second from left), and some of philosophy faculty members at SJSU, Peter Hadreas, Tom Leddy, Richard Tieszen, and Bo Mou 
(from left to right) on 25th October 2000.

Guest speaker, John Searle (left), and Bo Mou at the coffee shop of King Library 
on 7th March 2005 before Searle gave his colloquium talk at SJSU.




Service to Profession
[partial list]



  • The American Philosophical Association (APA) (member of the Committee on International Cooperation, 2002-2005; member of the Committee on the Status of Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies, 2008-2011)

  • The International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy (ISCWP) (Founding President, 2002-2005)

  • Editor-in-Chief of Comparative Philosophy: An International Journal of Constructive Engagement of Distinct Approaches to World Philosophy (A peer-reviewed, open-access/non-profit international journal of philosophy; in English)

  • Member of Editorial Board of History and Philosophy of Logic [Publisher: Taylor & Francis; in English]

  • Member of Advisory Board of the book series “Philosophy and Cultural Identity” at Lexington Press (of the Rowman & Littlefield Group) [in English]

  • Member of Editorial Board of Frontiers of Philosophy in China [Joint Publishers: Higher Education Press (Beijing, China) & Springer (Heidelberg, Germany); in English]

  • Member of Editorial Board of World Philosophy [Publisher: Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing, China); in Chinese]

  • Member of Editorial Board of Studies in Comparative Philosophy and Comparative Culture [Publisher: Center for Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy School, Wuhan University (Wuhan, China); in Chinese]