$FL2@(#) SPSS DATA FILE MS Windows Release 14.0.0  Y@10 Mar 0722:40:08 111OCCUPATI      SMOKING SMR    )OCCUPATI=occupati SMOKING=smoking SMR=SMRFarmers, foresters, and fisherman Miners and quarrymen Gas, coke and chemical makers Glass and ceramics makers Furnace, forge, foundry, and rolling mill workers `c@Electrical and electronics workers Engineering and allied trades Woodworkers Leather workers Textile workers ʼClothing workersFood, drink, and tobacco workersPaper and printing workers ϺMakers of other productsConstruction workers Painters and decorators Drivers of stationary engines, cranes, etc. Laborers not included elsewhere Transport and communications workers Warehousemen, storekeepers, packers, and bottlers Clerical workersSales workers Service, sport, and recreation workers Administrators and managers Professionals, technical workers, and artists