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Spring 2013 Courses

*This course is based on the project begun in Fall 2011: Library Exhibit & Digital Scholarly Edition of Beardsley, Wilde/Alastair, Pater rare books (collaborative work performed by a team of students)

Fall 2013 Courses*

  • TechnoLiterature (Engl. 10)
  • Introduction to Literary Criticism (Engl. 101)
  • British Literature Survey 1800-Present (Engl. 56B)
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities (LIBR. 220)

*In the past, I have maintained course websites and detailed schedules that were updated daily. This semester, I am working on migrating my online material to a different format (perhaps Wordpress?). All of the above courses are based on courses that I have taught in the past (see below). Watch for new online course materials for the Spring classes to be put up very soon. In the meantime, see some of my blog posts about this semester's teaching adventures over on FairMatter.com or triproftri

Past Courses

Graduate Seminars:

English Major Courses:

General Education Courses:

  • Great Works of Literature (Engl. 10) Spring 2010
  • Intro to Lit (Hunter & Lehman Colleges CUNY) Spring 2000 & 2003
  • Brit Lit II: Great Writers (Hunter College CUNY) Spring 2003
  • Romantic-Era Survey (Queens College CUNY) Fall 2004 & Sum 2005

Composition Courses:

*This course uses an online learning environment, Moodle or PBWorks, to distribute course materials, write blogs and make discussion board/forum posts. To view the area, please log-in as a guest or request access (wiki).

Student Projects

Web Projects by Undergraduate Students
Web Projects by Graduate Students

*This project presents an interesting argument about the literary text while adeptly utilizing the digital format.




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