Dr. Katherine D. Harris
English 201 (Fall 2007)

Analysis of a Journal Article

Due Date: Nov. 13
Page Length: 600 words

By now, you have learned about primary and secondary sources, modern critical methods, annotated bibliographies, writing the conference paper and expectations of a seminar paper.  Now, it's time to analyze how scholars apply this information into their published papers.  By analyzing another scholarís work, you will get a glimpse at the publish-or-perish part of this profession.

For this assignment, you need to assess the quality of research, the depth of field, the critical methodology and the use of literary texts.  Choose an article from your annotated bibliography and write an analysis based on the above criteria.  The article should have been peer-reviewed and from a reputable journal.  To check on a journal's status, consult the MLA Index of Periodicals (found in the MLA International Bibliography Database).  A reputable journal (even those only 2-3 years old) will be described in this index with a note about peer review. 

Submit your 600-word analysis on November 13th (on paper, via FTP to our course folder and to the Journal Article wiki).