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(1793 - 1835)  
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Romanticism on the Net
Romanticism on the Net is an International Refereed Electronic Journal devoted to British Romantic studies. The peer-review system means that articles submitted to the journal will normally be considered by at least two experts in the field, one of whom is a member of the Advisory Board. These experts read submissions and write readers' reports. About 25 percent of submissions have been published since the creation of the journal eight years ago. No multiple submissions are allowed; i.e articles should not be submitted to another academic journal simultaneously. This quarterly journal is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.

Poetry Archive
This site has a few of Hemans' poems and other information about her.

University of Pennsylvania's page on Hemans
Find here Hemans' biography, a list of her works, and some selected works

"Forget Me Not" Hypertextual Archive
Welcome to "Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann's 19th-Century Literary Annual." Find here reproduced, re-represented, linked, amassed and essentially "archived" elements from the 1823-1830 volumes of the earliest British-published literary annual, Forget Me Not, published by Rudolf Ackermann 1823-1847.

The Sceptic: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue

Romanticism On-line: A List of URLs
"The Brigand Leader and His Wife": Poem & Engraving

"Evening Prayer, at a Girls' School" : Poem & Engraving
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Miscellaneous Paintings from the Romantic Period