Making Romantic Poetry Accessible to Modern Audiences


This Hypertext Project explores the ways that images can be added to poetry from the Romantic Era to re-introduce it to a larger audience and to make it more accessible.

The Romantic Era includes many classic poets.  Unfortunately, many people, often even students of literature, find it hard to read these classics, understand their meanings, and relate them to issues of today.  Thankfully, this problem can be alleviated.  Images added to poetry add dimensions that might not have been considered before.  When these images and poems are linked with other poems, they create a web of poetry, images, and small amounts of textual interpretation that helps facilitate users in reading and interpreting the poetry.

These four poems exemplify many of the defining characteristics of Romantic Era literature, but two of the most obvious are Beauty and Nature.

Keep an eye out for references to Nature and Beauty, which are two major Romantic themes.

A Few Romantic Poems

Blake, William
The Little Black Boy
The Chimney Sweeper

George Gorden, Lord Byron
She Walks in Beauty

Wordsworth, William
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud