Mathilda and Rosario's Cell

The Monk by Matthew Lewis


The duality of Rosario and Matilda follows the split of submissive behavior, as seen in Rosario's devotion to his faith and Ambrosio, and Matilda's commanding personality, who is strong enough to control Lucifer as well as tempt Ambrosio into the sin of lust. As the light side of the pair, Rosario begins the idea of the light side as a mask that is worn to hide the darkside, a personality to be worn as needed. He also shows how the lighter side is more docile than the darkside. Matilda, on the other hand, presents the dark side as a powerful manipulator when she is able to seduce Ambrosio, as well as some one who is not afraid of evil when she makes a pact with the Devil to save her life, and later to help Ambrosio obtain Antonia.NEXT

list of interactive objects - mirror, mathilda, bible, rosario

Created November 13th 2006, Meagan Lillich