(Krazy Kat gazes up at a large clock on the side of a cliff.)


There is a “mesa” in the heart of “Tusayan” high up, upon whose side reposes “el nido de las horas” – (which may, or may not mean) – “the nest of the hours-from which time is born.


Krazy Kat: Every toc a birth –

Every toc a death –

Every wiza woiza –

Every tic, a second.

Every toc, a milyin years.

Every tic, a nothing –

Every toc. A something –

And wiza woiza –


And yet, wit me for a instinct wot time is it for me?


Time to wash my tooth? No, already I did it – lest wik – or was it the wik before?


It aint time for me to change my (pardon me) unda wear, no, I dunt wear none.


So by me, afta dew kinsiddirations – time is nothing.


Ahh – but wit Ignatz, wot time is it, by him – l’il sodium poppa-


(A flying brick hits Krazy Kat on the head.  Sound effects: “Pow!”  “Zip!”)


I knew it – time for he to toss a “brick” at me.


Offissa Pupp (chasing Ignatz): Mmm- time for me to get that miserable “mouse.”


Ignatz: Oh hoh – time for me to get out of here –

And I’d better be making “better time.” That Krazy Kop is full of speed today.


Offissa Pupp: I’ll get you if it takes until the end of time – you wagabone.


Krazy Kat: Wot nice times they have togedda – them two.