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Health in the New Age:
A Study in California Holistic Practices

cover Health in the New Age



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by J.A. English-Lueck

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Anthropologists usually write about the challenge of studying cultures far removed from their own experiences and values, but J. A. English-Lueck discovered the conflicts and rewards of observing a social movement in her own culture when she spent two years doing fieldwork among the holistic health networks of Southern California. Part of this time was spent as a student at an eclectic institute for holistic health practitioners. Objective, based solidly in theory and methodology, but readable and enlightening, Health in the New Age, reveals the beliefs and assumptions behind holistic practices. The author traces the modern movement to a long tradition of empirical or naturalistic lore that emphasized the craft of healing and the body's ability to heal itself. She documents the synthesis of Asian, European, and Indian beliefs combined with modern psychology characteristic of the movement and describes the various techniques used by practitioners— acupuncture, massage, herbalism, and psychic healing, among others. In addition to her training, English-Lueck interviewed individuals active in the movement, charting their hopes and fears for the future. She compares the survival of empirical beliefs and Aquarian ideals to the survival of various branches of early Christianity and argues that a social movement need not become institutionalized to succeed. As do most scholars intimately involved with other cultures, English-Lueck emerged with a strong regard for the people observed. She notes, they "seemed to know I was an incorrigible rationalist but accepted and educated me anyway."