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Background Info
Taking a few minutes to read about your topic in a specialized encyclopedia, dictionary or handbook may be one of the most effective and time saving research tips in this guide. These can help you define unfamiliar terms, locate quick biographical information, verify dates and events. Encyclopedia articles are often followed by carefully selected bibliographies or lists of references to other works, useful items to have as you begin looking for additional information. The following are located on different floors, note the locations. Items listed on the 5th floor are in the Asian American Center Collection in the Cultural Heritage Center. You will need to locate the call number for items listed on the 3rd floor. Check the SJ Library Catalog to verify availablity as most of the materials listed can be checked out.

If you'd like learn more about research and online resources stop by the 2nd floor Reference Desk.

Understanding Asian Americans. E184.O6U5 1990. 6th and 5th floors.
Asian Americans: Contemporary trends and issues E184.A75 A84325 2006 5th floor.
The Asian American encyclopedia. v. 1-6. E184.O6 A827 1995. 6th floor.
Peoples of the world. Asians and Pacific Islanders. GN308.3.A83M67x 1993. 6th floor.
Korean Americans. E 184 .K6 H875 1998. 3rd and 5th floors.
Reference Library of Asian America. v. 1-3. E184.O6R438x 1995. 5th floor.

Biographical Information
Asian American novelist : a bio-bibliographical critical sourcebook . PS153.A84 A825 2000. REF 2nd and 5th floors.
Distinguished Asian Americans : a biographical dictionary E184.O6 D57 1999. REF 2nd, 5th, and 6th floors.

Statistics and Demographics
Statistical record of Asian Americans. E184.O6S73 1993. 8th floor FOLIO
Asian and Pacific Islander population in the United States

The American people: Census 2000 HA201.122.A45 2005 6th Floor
The Asian Population: 2000. A U.S. Census report

Finding Books: SJ Library Catalog
The Library Catalog is our local online library system. It allows you to locate books, periodicals, government publications, films and more. The Library Catalog also provides status information, e.g. if the material is checked out. It does not, however, index journal contents or include the full text of articles. For help locating materials or instruction on using the catalog or the online databases please ask at the Reference Desk.

Library of Congress Subject Headings
The Library Catalog uses the "Library of Congress Subject Headings" (large red books in the Reference Ready section near the Reference Desk) to catalog books. These subject headings are slow to change and sometimes removed from contemporary usage; they are, however, extremely useful in locating books and articles. Examples of subject headings:
Korean Americans -- Cultural assimilation
Vietnamese Americans

Filipino Americans -- Hawaii
Asian Americans
Pacific Islander Americans -- California
Chinese American women
Samoan Americans
Japanese-Americans -- Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945
Ethnic groups or geographical locations can be substituted for other groups or locations.
Some names and organizations can also be used in subject searches.

Finding Articles
Try starting your search with a periodical index. There are many indexes to choose from that are available online and arrange articles by subject or allow you to do a KEYWORD search. However, some historical materials might only be accessible in a print index and not online. Print indexes are located in the Reference Area or in the Library Stacks. An often overlooked resource for journal articles are the bibliographies that can be found at the end of related journal articles or in books on your topic. Stop by the Reference Desk for help.

Databases relevant to Asian American Studies:
ABI/INFORM (business) Alt- Press Index America: History and Life (history)
Criminal Justice Abstracts Academic Search Premier ERIC (education)
Ethnic Newswatch GenderWatch Expanded Academic ASAP (1980-present)
CQ Researcher MLA (literature) PsycINFO(psychology)
Sociological Abstracts Asian American Drama San Jose Mercury

Literary Criticism
An interethnic companion to Asian American literature PS153.A84 I58 1997 5th floor
Literary gestures : the aesthetic in Asian American writing PS153.A84 L58 2006  7th floor

A bibliography is a list of books, articles and sometimes other materials such as films and recordings. They can be entire books, within books or at the end of journal articles. These are often overlooked resources that can be a treasure trove of related sources. Some are even annotated, with short descriptions of each entry. A well-organized, carefully selected and annotated bibliography can lead you to the best and most relevant sources on your topic.
Asians in the United States. Ref E184.O6A87 1992.
Asian American studies. EZ1361.O7K56 1989.

Style Manual Guides
When you write a research paper, it's important that you credit the scholars and critics who have contributed to your ideas, whatever the format their publications may take (print, sound, film, WWW). There are guides specific to certain fields of study, or your professor or instructor may request a specific bibliographic and citation style. Some Styles include MLA (literature), APA (social sciences), or Chicago (history) just to name a few. Check with your professor to see if a specific style is required. See for addtional information on Style Guides.

Note: Some Asian language newspapers will not be readable due to not having the correct program to read the characters.
Asian Newspapers provides links to several Asian countries.

The Web is one facet of the Internet consisting of client and server computers handling multimedia documents. Searches on different topics can be done. See the Asian American Studies Research Topic page (at for several online listings. The following is a sample of what can be found on the WWW:
Japanese Americans in San Jose
East & Southeast Asia Resources
Asian American Health
Asian American 2000 Census
Asian Pacific Americans

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