Greetings to all of you who visit my website. I am a professor of political science at San Jose State University. This site is intended to help students and provide some information for any curious souls who stumble onto this site. If you are interested in government and law, you may want to explore the links I have listed at the bottom of this page. You can access different links from this page to get information about the courses I teach and some of my academic interests that are related to civil liberties, law, society and politics. Within the political science department at San Jose State University, I teach many of the public law and government related courses. Depending on the semester, I teach the following courses:

Political Science 001: Introduction to American Government

Political Science/Muse 014: Awakening in Utopia

Political Science 020: Controversial Legal Issues

Political Science 120: U.S. Law and Society

Political Science 121.a: Constitutional Law

Political Science 121.b: Civil Liberties

Political Science 190: Senior Seminar on Privacy, Technology and Society

Public Administration 223: Seminar in Law and Public Administration


A great research guide! - A great site to learn how to engage in research, write papers and construct bibliographies and footnotes

Tips for writing research papers a thesauras and more.

Tips for succeeding in college. I wrote this as as a speech/talk to incoming freshmen at a San Jose State Orientation during August, 2000. I decided to include it here for you to pontificate. The ideas I gave the incoming freshmen are ideas that perhaps current students should remind themselves of.



Click on one of the links below to go to interesting websites that relate to civil liberties, law, society and politics. If you wish to contact me directly give me a call at 408.924.5346 or click here for email. You can click here to get to the Political Science Department or here to get to my department bio and picture.



Here are a variety of links that students may find useful for doing research in my courses.

California Government sources

Califormia Voter - All the issues that affect California

Governing - All the issues that affect all the states

Rand California - Good analysis on a variety of California issues

California State Administrative Agencies - Pretty self explanatory, huh?


American Government and Politics

American Civil Liberties Union - A great site that examines the consitutional problems of American Politics

Constitutional Rights Foundation - Similar to the ACLU page but not quite as comprehensive

U. of Louisville Ektsrom Library - This is one hellavu good place to start research. Hot topics is good for my 020 students. There is a complete listing of all federal agency home pages. Very valuable for all you ad. law students. You guys ought to check this site out. Very nicely done!

Find Law - A good place to start looking for basic materials on a variety of legal issues

Inequality - Just how do the rich and the powerful screw the poor and the powerless? Click here to find out!

National Public Radio - A great news source

Oyez Oyez Oyez - A decent site for getting United States Supreme Court decisions. SJSU students can do better on Lexis

Pew Research Center - A great polling center. Find out what America thinks about the great issues of the day

San Jose State Political Science Research Page - Excellent links to lots of research databases

Slate - A good online magazine. Much like Time, Newsweek, etc.

Stateline - Focusing on state wide issues around the United States

The Public Eye - Monitoring right wing extremism that undermines democracy and diversity

Vote Smart - Examines elected officials and timely political issues



Keeping tabs on people who love to hate.........Another example of how stupidity never ceases to find a constituency!

Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism - Reporting on people you don't want as your friend, unless you love to hate

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation - Can you guess?



Privacy Materials

Anonymizer - To find out how much people can learn about you when you use your computer on the internet. You don't want to know, but should.

Cyberspace Law - Find out what professors make students learn about the law of cyberspace.

Electronic Privacy Information Center - Excellent site exploring the erosion of privacy in society



For the record:

Boring Political Science 120 Recertification - You know that phrase, "don't even go there?"



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And finally.....

This website is a work in progress. I am just learning how to create web pages and my expertise right now is extremely limited. As I learn more about HTML and web page design, I hope to liven up the materials you can access on my web page. For now, accept my apologies and be content with just the basics.




Ken Nuger,

Associate Professor of Political Science



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