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From time to time I will post things here, mainly links to online music resources, and to lectures dealing with a variety of topics.

  1. How to make a clarinet out of a carrot - has to be seen to be believed; it sounds surprisingly good! (Posted December 2014)

  2. Manuscript Paper!! You can never have too much staff paper. Print out as many pages as you want! (Posted August 2014)
  3. Link: OnMusic Dictionary - an online music dictionary. (Posted March 2014)

  4. Lecture: "This is Your Brain On Tech" - Nicholas Carr, lecture given at the New York Academy of Sciences on 11/9/10. (Posted January 2011)
    Summary: The Internet is quickly becoming our primary living space, and multitasking is becoming the behavioral norm for our society. Research is starting to show how the Internet affects our memory, our ability to learn, and our lifelong intellectual development. In this lecture, Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains, considers both the pros and cons of heavy internet usage. He challenges us to evaluate our learning behaviors and their consequences, both for good and for ill. Are you willing to focus on building knowledge, instead of gathering information? Listen, and think it over!