Available Working Papers:


1.      The Impact of Center City Economic and Cultural Vibrancy on Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Transportation (with Matt Kahn)

2.      An Agent-Based Model of Entrepreneurship (with Graham Newell)


Work in Progress:


1.      Measuring the Value of Transit Infrastructure using Survey and Voting Data (with Matt Kahn)

2.      Who Supports Growth Control Initiatives in San Francisco? (with Kevin Chiu)

3.      Density Gradients, Border Effects and Consumption Patterns in the Delhi NCR (with Roopal Kulshrestha)

4.      The Determinants of Urbanization in India, 2001-2011 (with Anand Saxena)

5.      Housing Values and Decentralization of Local Government in U.S. Metropolitan Areas (with Dean Stansel)

6.      Decentralization in Firm and State (with Giampaolo Garzarelli)






1.      2007. Compstat, Community Policing and the Science of Success: A Market-Based Approach to Police Management

" Economic Affairs, December.

2.      2009. Outsourcing in U.S. Cities, Ambulances and Elderly Voters, Public Choice, December.

3.      2010. The Persistence of Accounting versus Economic Profit, Economics Bulletin, Vol 30, No 3, pp. 2189-2196. (with Ali Reza)

4.      2010. Managing the Internal Organization of Colleges and Universities, book chapter, in Doing More With Less: Making Colleges Work Better, Josh Hall, editor. New York: Springer. (with Justin Ross)

5.      2010. ''Intellectual Property and Antitrust Limitations on Contract: Comment, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 30 no.4 pp. 2680-2684. (with Neil Nguyen)

6.      2010. Understanding the M-form Hypothesis, Journal of Industrial Organization Education Vol. 5: Iss. 1, Article 4.

7.      2011. Firm versus Industry Effects in Accounting and Economic Profit Data, Applied Economics Letters. 18(6), 527-529 (with Ali Reza)

8.      forthcoming. Using Drew Carey in the Classroom, Journal of Private Enterprise. (PPT file from my presentation at APEE, 2010; my YouTube attempt, based on PPT slides)

9.      forthcoming. Parchment, Guns, and the Problem of Governance Review of Austrian Economics. (with Giampaolo Garzarelli)

10.  forthcoming. Homeownership, Dissatisfaction and Voting Journal of Housing Economics (and a related draft)