Northland Archaeological Project, New Zealand

My newest research centers on the use of spatial technology, remote sensing, and geophysical site prospecting as part of a research program on the prehistory of New Zealand. The goal of this research is to better understand the historical processes that led to the apparent rise in inter‐group conflict in Maori prehistory marked by the construction of thousands of hillforts (pa). Archaeological data on demography, trade, agriculture, and social inequality from the Bay of Islands region will be used to test how well Northland District prehistory fits our current models for understanding Neolithic social development.

The first season of fieldwork was completed in January 2008. Links to reports on this research are available in the 'Articles and Reports' page.




Satellite Imagery of New Zealand.



The study area in the Northland District, Bay of Islands is located on the northeastern coast at the “blank” spot on satellite coverage.




Bay of Islands, Northland District, New Zealand. Waewaetorea Island is top center.