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Welcome to Globalizing Literary Studies at SJSU!

The purpose of this website is to highlight the world and comparative literature courses and instructors within the department of English and Comparative Literature at San José State University. Although we have a minor in comparative literature at SJSU, few students are aware of the "globalizing" interests and emphases of some of the courses being taught
currently. Recently, English 123 (A, B, C, D) "Literature for Global Understanding" was given general education accreditation. These courses highlight literature from various regions of the globe--including Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and the Americas. The courses, in addition to some graduate seminars, introduce students to literature from a variety of authors and contexts that highlight world literature. These courses and some of the instructors at SJSU are presented on this website. You can also find out more about these professors and their interests by going to the English Department Homepage.

Some of the Comparative Literature courses, English 121 and English 122, also emphasize a global perspective. These courses can and do take a thematic concern such as "banned books," post-colonialism," and "Holocaust Literature" by looking at literature from more than one geographic or historic viewpoint. Other courses emphasize the "globalizing" tendencies of literature from our own United States, by looking at literature from ethnic groups and authors whose backgrounds may be similar to our diverse student body. The website is a resource for potential English majors and for students who may be interested in world literature generally. In addition to providing course descriptions, the website serves as resource for potential English majors and for those interested in finding information about non-traditional literary study.