Garrison Spik

Garrison Spik's Other Submissions

Seeing that Gabriella saw him admiring their waitress' derriere, Phil attempted to placate her by saying, "Gabby, what's good for a goose is good for a gander."

Jim was born with one leg considerably shorter than the other, a condition that, before the radical bone-extension surgery, had made it difficult for him to earn a living; today, healthy and happy, Jim surprises friends when he reminisces fondly about those lean years

Planet KWS-1968 loomed on the horizon like the punchline to a really bad joke.

"Rattler country," Chuck said to Chet as he looked out over the cacti-encrusted desert from atop his painted horse, "is no place for babies."

The stone in my shoe, which I had put there on Tuesday to remind me to do something, began to bother me, so I took it out just as the librarian handed me $2, my change from the $35 I had given her to pay the late fees for the books I'd been meaning to return since Tuesday.

Detective Dick Richards had never seen a crime scene like this, though he had once watched a solar eclipse through a piece of film not unlike the 200 ASA that was loaded in the camera of Jack Ward, the photographer taking pictures of the decapitated donkey and the dead man clutching the helium balloon.

Jeb's horse died on the second day out, three days before he'd start hallucinating he and his horse were back in Tampico, two days before his horse would actually die, and he'd be forced to hoof five more days to his camp because his horse had died earlier, though he had anticipated a three-day ride with no horse problems.