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The Economic History and Economy of Poland
Ekonomiczna Historia Polski

The Political Economy of Poland

A Brief Chronology of the Polish State

Recent Performance of the Polish Economy

The European Business Journal for the summer of 1999 in an article entitled, "Poland's tiger economy," says that Poland's economy grew in excess of six percent in the previous three years and that such growth came in part from its strategic position. Poland is the meeeting grounds for the Russian east and the German west, but is also the meeting grounds for the Scandinavian north with the countries of Central Europe such as the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Poland in the early 1990's had 9,000 companies which the reformers sought to privatize. As of 1999 there were still a good many enterprises that had not been privatized. There were 3000 state-owned enterprises and 1300 other enterprizes in which the State owns substantial shares.

Privatization in Poland
Recent articles on privatization in Poland

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