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Clash in the world of tomorrow

- Warren Susman

We continue our journey through the future as envisioned by the planners of the 1939 World's Fair - and those designers, like Walt Disney, inspired by that fair. The rhetoric of authority opens wide the gates of tomorrow, but not for everyone. Even as superhighways, nuclear-powered cities, and gleaming appliances fill our cultural landscape, dystopian fears of totalitarianism have not been crushed with the defeat of Axis powers. The federal government has become a more significant force in public life than ever before. Thousands of suburban gardens bloom, but the subtle machinery of control grows just beneath America's well-manicured lawns.

Readings: Susman, Rydell, and Dikkers

Viewing: The Middleton Family at the 1939 World's Fair

Notes: Cultural Contradictions of a Consumer Society

Notes: African-Americans and the Prewar Fairs

Notes: Meet the Middletons!

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