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Celebration and Bowling Leagues

I know a place where we can go
And wash away this sin
We'll sit and watch the clouds roll by
And the tall grass wave in the wind . . .
Who knows how long this will last
Now we've come so far, so fast
But, somewhere back there in the dust
That same small town in each of us
I need to remember this.

Ideal Community Project is due

The promise of a community shaped and maintained by its shared vision of the future seems to be replaced by fragmented and customized nostalgia as evidenced by an architectural movement called new urbanism. The Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow has been overshadowed by Celebration, a communal attempt to live in the past rather than the future. However, this cross between a garden city and company town conceals much within its planned neighborliness. Finally, we conclude our semester with a discussion over whether community can sustain itself in the new century. The growing privatization and simulation of public locales, the proliferating media that enhance individual pursuits, and the decline in traditional socializing institutions portend, to some critics, the end of public life in America. These critics may be right. However, as we shall see, they may have overlooked the emergence of new technologies and social forces leading to an even more tightly knit community than has ever before existed.

Reading: Hellman, Morris, Putnam, and Miller

Supplemental Reading: Wood

Supplemental Website: Wood's Celebration Photos

Supplemental Notes: Langdon Winner: Silicon Valley mystery house

Viewings: Mulder, Scully, and the Simpsons visit a perfect community

Viewing: Pleasantville: Bowling in the rain

Notes: Philip Morris

Notes: Putnam

Activity: Where is Silicon Valley?

Activity: Time Travel

Off-campus webpages related to Technopolis

Off-campus webpages related to Celebration

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