Parachute Jumping From the 250 Foot Chute Tower

A 250-foot steel structure with parachutes in operation is one of the concessions in the Amusement Area of the New York World's Fair. Eleven of the 'chutes, each seating two passengers, are to be hoisted by steel cables to the top of the tower and then released to give the passengers the experience of "bailing out" from a winging plane. Insurance of "happy landings" is afforded by "stretchers" which keep the 'chutes distended, umbrella-like, and vertical guide wires which permit drops straight earthward without swaying. Shock-absorbers eliminate the impact of landing. The tower is to be the second tallest structure in the Exposition. Contract with International Parachuting, Inc. for this diversion device for Fair visitors was the first one to be signed for an amusement concession in the Fair.