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Final Review

Sample Questions

True/False If the statement is mostly true, place a 'T' in the space provided. If the statement is mostly false, place a 'F' in the space provided.

1. __ Plato argued that women could serve at the highest levels of public life.

2. __ The primary nineteenth century metaphor for the Machine is the locomotive.

Multiple Choice Select the response that is most correct.

3. According to William Gibson, which city is most similar to the 1980s-that-wasn't in the Gernsback Continuum?

4. Which of the following is an example of heterotopia?

5. At the 1939 World's Fair, which exhibit featured Democracity?

These are the major terms and concepts I want you to master for the final examination. This list will grow as we progress throughout the course. Please remember that this review is designed to highlight ideas and concepts that will be found on the test. It is not complete and will be revised until the day before the examination. The review does not include every word that will appear on the final exam; it merely serves to guide your study of the texts, notes, web resources, and other materials employed throughout this course.

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