Post-Tenure Faculty Professional Renewal Retreat

Mirroring the demographics of many universities around the country, over half of the faculty at SJSU are “mid-career.” Tenured and promoted, these “keystone faculty” are, in many ways, the back-bone of our institution. With major professional hurdles behind them, and possibly twenty or more years before they retire, some mid-career faculty flourish while others flounder.

This retreat, and the lead-up and follow-up activities, present an opportunity for relatively seasoned faculty to reflect on their professional accomplishments, to identify new challenges, to learn from one another, to set new goals, to retool and to re-energize. We invite all tenured Associate Professors and Professors to apply.

Below, we provide links to articles written about the post-tenure experience on the SJSU campus albeit nearly 25 years apart. We also provide a link to the invitation to apply to the up-coming Post-Tenure Faculty Renewal Retreat.