Recruitment Protocol

  • Departments requesting permission to hire new tenure-track faculty must submit a recruitment outreach and advertising plan. This plan will describe both active and passive strategies to be employed to encourage the most diverse applicant pool possible. That plan is reviewed and approved by the AVP of Faculty Affairs before departments are permitted to recruit.
  • Departments draft job announcements that are reviewed by the AVP of Faculty Affairs before they are published. Job announcements must encourage the broadest range of applicants possible, must state clearly the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence, and must be free of unintentionally discouraging language.
  • Departmental recruitment committees should themselves be diverse. Departments should strive to constitute search committees that represent the diversity of our University.
  • Department recruitment committees all receive training on the Diversity Master Plan and recruitment policies/practices.
  • In addition to its own web site, the Office of Faculty Affairs advertises all recruitments in the following venues:
INSIGHT Into Diversity NorCalHERC
  Chronicle of Higher Education  
  • Departments advertise recruitments in their own disciplinary venues. Departments also do outreach to professional organizations, universities with doctoral programs in their discipline, and to colleagues known to mentor graduate students in the discipline.
  • After the close date for the search, the Dean and the AVP for Faculty Affairs both review the applicant pool, looking for evidence that the department has followed its advertising and outreach plan. Applicant pools that appear too small to end with a successful hire will be returned to the department with instructions to conduct additional advertising and outreach.
  • During campus interviews, all finalists are to be given equal opportunity to present their accomplishments and competencies.
  • During campus interviews, no questions may be asked regarding protected categories (age, nationality, marital status, medical conditions, childcare accommodations, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status).
  • Women and minority applicants are always considered for all positions for which they are qualified.

For full details regarding recruitment procedures, please see the Guide for Recruitment and Appointment of Tenure-Track FacultyPDF icon