Retention, Promotion, & Tenure Activities

San Jose State is committed to supporting the retention, tenure, and promotion efforts of its probationary faculty, and provides a variety of programming in support of "RTP." Much of this programming is conducted by the Center for Faculty Development, and is supported by generous funding from the Provost.

  • New faculty orientation, conducted each August, is intended to give new probationary faculty information and guidance to commence their new appointments here with success.
  • Follow up workshops, held throughout the academic year, focus on specific areas of development: support for teaching, training on preparing an effective tenure portfolio, workshops on using campus teaching technologies, grant-writing.
  • Annual competitions for grant support for research, scholarship, and creative activity (RSCA).
  • Professional development opportunities sponsored by the Faculty Diversity Committee (each spring) and the Untenured Faculty Organization (throughout the year) are open to all probationary faculty.

The Colleges and Departments offer additional support to their probationary faculty, to help them develop a strong portfolio of teaching success, scholarly/professional accomplishment, and record of service sufficient to gain tenure and promotion. The forms of support vary by department, and include practices such as:

  • Course reductions during the probationary period, to allow faculty time to develop both their teaching effectiveness and research agenda.
  • Support for the establishment of laboratory space.
  • Funding for summer research programs.
  • Course releases in support of significant service activities, such a program coordination or student advising.
  • Travel support for presenting papers at scholarly and professional conferences.