The UFO Event


The Untenured Faculty Organization (UFO) has been established
as a faculty-based organization dedicated to providing voice and
support to the untenured, probationary faculty at San Jose

Among its goals are the following:

  • To support the probationary faculty by developing and implementing programs and activities to support faculty in the scholarship, teaching, professional, service, and collegial activities
  • To promote positive communications between the untenured faculty and the various units of Academic Affairs
  • To provide increased opportunities for probationary faculty to develop their leadership skills and service activities
  • To create a collegial social support network and foster personal friendships and a sense of community among the probationary faculty
  • To provide a safe and confidential forum for open dialogue, discussion, and conversation among its members

Look for announcements about upcoming events and activities sponsored by the UFO. All probationary faculty are welcome!

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