Spring Fling

  Here is information about an event Faculty Affairs co-sponsored. For your enjoyment, we've included photos, which you can enlarge by clicking on them!  


Spring Fling Lunch

A small version of our Spring Fling

Working in collaboration with the Faculty Diversity Committee, Faculty Affairs is a co-sponsor of the annual Spring Fling. This event for untenured faculty provides an opportunity to meet colleagues from across the campus, in a lunch-time break at the end of spring semester. A special feature this year: Dan Straus’s liquid nitrogen ice cream!


Photo Gallery

For your enjoyment, find here a gallery of Spring Fling photos, photographed by Faculty Affairs' Cory Nethery-Pavelchak!


  • A captivating speech
  • Some Stuff We All Get for the attendees!
  • Plenty of food to go around!
  • Fabulous prizes to go with a raffle
  • Conversation on high
  • Preparation for the liquid nitrogen ice cream
  • Plumes of nitrogen billowing from the ice cream concoction
  • The delicious, delicious results
  • Converse and consume


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