Difference in Pay Leave

DIP (Difference in Pay Leave) Information

Difference in Pay Leaves (DIP) are intended to benefit the University by affording faculty employees time to take advantage of professional development opportunities such as conducting research, engaging in scholarly and creative activities, improving instruction, or obtaining faculty retraining.

  • A full-time faculty unit employee is eligible for a Difference in Pay leave so long as s/he has worked full-time at this campus for six (6) of the seven (7) years preceding the leave, and at least three (3) years after any previous sabbatical or difference in pay leave. Credit granted toward the completion of the probationary period for service elsewhere applies towards fulfilling the eligibility requirement.
  • A faculty unit employee on Difference in Pay leave may not accept outside employment without prior approval from the President. Written requests for approval to accept outside employment should be submitted via the Office of Faculty Affairs.
  • Once the Difference in Pay leave has been completed, the employee must return service to the University at the rate of one term of service for each term of leave taken. Prior to final approval, applicants for Difference in Pay leave are required to file a statement of assets or a promissory note with the Office of Faculty Affairs guaranteeing the University against loss should the employee fail to return after the Difference in Pay leave.
  • Within six (6) weeks after returning to service at San José State University, the faculty member must submit a written report, via the dean, to Faculty Affairs. Faculty members are also encouraged to present the results of the Difference in Pay leave at departmental, college or university forums.
  • A faculty member who accepts a Difference in Pay for a full year should be aware that his or her contribution to and credit in the CalPERS system is in proportion to the reduced salary earned while on leave. To receive full retirement credit, one may choose to reimburse the State to the level of a normal retirement contribution. Contact Human Resources for information regarding how to purchase full retirement credit at the conclusion of the full academic year Sabbatical leave.

For more information, see Article 28of the CBA, or contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.