Tenure Track Employment Opportunities

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A comprehensive list of announcements for tenure track recruitment conducted for
2016 - 2017

More Tenure-Track Faculty Recruitment Information

AY 16-17 Recruitment


College of Applied Sciences & Arts

Health Science & Recreation 

Hospitality Management 


  • Information Systems & Knowledge Structures- Assistant Professor coming soon

Journalism & Mass Communications 

Justice Studies 

  • Forensic Sciences- Assistant Professor coming soon
  • Open Specialization (Research Methods & Statistics)- Assistant Professor coming soon


  • Exercise Physiology- Assistant or Associate Professor coming soon
  • Motor Development- Assistant or Associate Professor coming soon


  • Community Health- Assistant Professor coming soon
  • Care of the Adult/Medical/Surgical- Assistant Professor coming soon

Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging 

Occupational Therapy 

  • Adult Rehabilitation- Assistant Professor coming soon
  • Community Based Practice/Chair- Open rank coming soon


College of Business

Accounting and Finance 

Global Innovation and Leadership 


Marketing and Decision Sciences 


College of Education 

Child & Adolescent Development 

Counselor Education 

  • Counselor Education- Assistant or Associate Professor coming soon

Communicative Disorders & Sciences 

Elementary Education 


College of Humanities and the Arts

English and Comparative Literature

  • English Education-Assistant or Associate Professor coming soon

Linguistics & Language Development

  • Linguistics/Socio-Phonetics-Assistant Professor coming soon
  • TESOL with Technology Focus- Assistant Professor coming soon

Music and Dance

  • Music Education- Assistant or Associate Professor coming soon
  • Modern Dance- Assistant Professor coming soon

Television, Radio, Film and Theatre

  • Design & Technology-Assistant or Associate Professor coming soon

World Language and Literatures

  • Spanish- Assistant Professor coming soon


College of Science 

Biological Sciences 


  • Inorganic Chemistry-Assistant Professor coming soon
  • Organic Chemistry- Assistant Professor coming soon

Computer Science


  • Sedimentology-Assistant Professor coming soon

Mathematics and Statistics 

Meteorology and Climate Science

  • Water/Drought Science-Assistant coming soon

Moss Landing Marine Labs

Physics & Astronomy 


College of Social Sciences

Communication Studies 


  • Macroeconomics & Monetary Policy-Assistant Professor coming soon


  • Early Modern World-Assistant Professor coming soon

Political Science 


Urban & Regional Planning 

  • Urban & Regional Planning -Assistant Professor coming soon