Step 3: Submit Documents

Students will receive an Acknowledgement Letter in their MySJSU confirming receipt of their financial aid application. The Acknowledgement Letter provides information on the financial aid awarding process and provides deadline dates. 

Students selected for verification will have items posted in their MySJSU To-Do List. Verification is a process where the Department of Education (DOE), CSAC, or SJSU selects applications for further review. 

Only students selected for verification are required to submit documents

To be considered for maximum funding, all requested financial aid documents must be submitted by 4:30 pm on the following deadline dates:

    • Academic Year Fall 2016 - Spring 2017: May 27, 2016
    • Academic Year Fall 2017 - Spring 2018: May 26, 2017

Make copies of all completed documents prior to submitting them to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. Submit documents by mail or in person. 

By Mail: Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, San Jose State University, One Washington Square, San Jose, Ca 95192-0036

In Person: Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, Student Services Center, 9th and San Fernando Streets (1st floor of the north parking garage).

Students should contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office if an Acknowledgement Letter is not received approximately two weeks after submitting a FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application.