Summer Financial Aid

San Jose State University offers limited summer financial aid which may consist of Grant(s) and/or Stafford Loan. The amount and type of summer aid students are eligible to receive will depend on many factors, including grade level, need, and whether or not eligibility for these funds have been exhausted during the regular academic year. 

Requesting Summer Financial Aid

Summer 2017 Registration Begins:  April 10, 2017

Summer 2017 Financial Aid Application Process Begins: April 12, 2017

Final Day to Apply for Summer 2017 Financial Aid: July 18, 2017

Last Day to accept summer loans:  July 20, 2017

Students participating in a Summer Faculty Led Program (FLP)

View Summer 2017 FLP Fact Sheet

Graduate students admitted for Summer Term

The programs eligible for aid that have a summer admission are the programs offered through the College of Education.

Ed.D Educational Leadership

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Single Subject Teaching Credential

Education Specialist Teaching Credential (Special Education):Early Childhood Education, Mild to Moderate Disabilities, Moderate to Sever Disabilities. 

The Certificate Programs offered through the College of Business that begin in the summer term are not eligible for any federal or state aid.

The Special Sessions MA in Music program that begins in the summer term are not eligible for any federal or state aid.


  • Must be a continuing SJSU student.
  • Must have a completed 2016-2017 FAFSA application and submitted all supporting documents.
  • Must be enrolled in the minimum number of units required:
    • 6 units for undergraduate, 2nd BA or Credential students
    • 4 units of 200 level classes or departmental approved equivalency for Graduate students.
  • Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Must meet the document submission deadline, this includes on-line acceptance of loans. Applications received after this date will not be processed and student is responsible for any fees due by the posted deadline.

Summer Aid Programs

Loans: Limited loan options are available to summer students, based on remaining eligibility.

Grants: Federal Pell Grant based on remaining eligibility. 

Disbursement Process

The disbursement of funds begins on a weekly basis, starting the 2nd week of the summer term. Financial aid funds will apply to the student's account and pay any outstanding fees owed to the university (fees not covered by financial aid is the responsibility of the student). Refunds, if any, will be mailed or directly deposited into the student's checking/saving account. Click direct deposit for more information.

Fee Deferrals

Fee deferrals protect classes and suspend the payment of tuition fees until after the semester begins. Fee deferrals are temporary and will be removed at the beginning of each semester. Once removed, all fees are due on the set deadline date, regardless of the student's summer financial aid status. To prevent enrollment cancellation,  submit all requested documents by scheduled fee payment deadline.

Short-Term Loans

Short-Term loans are available through the Bursar's Office. Contact the Bursar's Office for more information.