The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office administers three types of scholarships:

  1. SJSU campus based
  2. Department based
  3. Private based.

Students should apply for as many scholarships as possible to lessen the need for loans or part-time work to attend school.

The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) is not a scholarship, it is a state grant. Refer to Types of Aid for more information on the MCS. 

SJSU Campus Based Scholarships

All 2018-19 SJSU campus wide scholarships have been awarded. Students who were selected for a scholarship award have been notified by email.

Apply for Spartan Scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year beginning January 2019.



Complete and SUBMIT the General Application (available in January 2019). You can edit or update your application on the stated scholarship deadline(s). 


After submitting the general application, you will be presented with a list of "Recommended scholarship opportunities." These scholarships may require additional information that is not included in the questions on the general application. You are encouraged to click on each scholarship name to review the criteria. We encourage you to apply for all scholarships where you meet the additional requirements. There are some scholarship opportunities you do not have to apply to, but will be automatically matched to after you complete your general application.   

View, SJSU Spartan Scholarship Application Instructions for tips on how to apply for scholarships on the Spartan Scholarship website.

Department Based Scholarships

Various academic departments on campus manage their own scholarships. Students are strongly encouraged to keep in close contact with their major department for scholarship information. These scholarships each have their own specific criteria, deadlines, and application instructions. Students should contact their department directly for additional information. 

Private Based Scholarships

Scholarships come from a number of different sources. It can take some time and effort on your behalf to research them all. There are businesses that offer to do this work for you for a fee, but SJSU does not recommend these services. View Scholarship Resources for available scholarship databases.

We encourage all students to apply for External Scholarship Opportunities offered by private organizations outside of SJSU. 

External Opportunities

International students will only be eligible for those scholarships that are merit-based. Need-based scholarships are part of financial aid, which is unavailable to international students. View International Students for additional information.

Important to remember that when you apply for a scholarship, the application and other materials you submit represents you to the scholarship committee. It is important that you spend time on your application to do the best job you can. For some helpful hints on applying for scholarships, see our Tips on Applying for Scholarships.

 Avoid Financial Aid Fraud!

Don't pay to fill out the FAFSA. The FAFSA is a free application. Fill it out at