10 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships

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  • You need a study break and filling out a scholarship application is a good diversion.
  • You have studied many long hours to get great grades.
  • Scholarships are investments in our future- YOU!
  • Not all scholarships are based on need, some are based on academic or personal achievements.
  • Scholarships are a great way to pay for school - it is funding that you don't have to pay back!
  • Rather than having to search for scholarships and complete numerous applications, Spartan Scholarships is an opportunity to apply for multiple scholarships with one application.
  • You are unique in all that you do and it is about time that you tell someone else about it.
  • Asking for letters of recommendation gives you a chance to connect with your professors without worrying about your grades.
  • There are many scholarships that were setup with exactly you and your talents in mind.
  • Writing an essay about yourself may not be an easy task, but good practice for writing cover letters, resumes and personal statements.