Private Scholarship Notices

The following is a list of private scholarship notifications received by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office; these organizations are not affiliated with San Jose State University. Interested applicants must contact the organizations directly with questions.

Private Scholarship Organizations Deadline
Giva Student Scholarship           deadline: 6/1 and 12/1, annually  
Clair A. Hill Scholarship            deadline: 2/1 annually
Nurses Link -                              deadline: 10/ 31 and 4/30, annually                        deadline: 4/15 and 10/15, annually                          deadline: 5/15 and 12/15, annually  
The Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center    deadline: 4/30/15 and 10/31/15 Nursing School Scholarship     deadline: 8/31, annually  
Global English Editing  deadline: 12/13/14 (college students); 7/31/15 (HS students)  
Educators for Fair Consideration: Scholarship for Undocumented Students  
DOMO Scholarship for Business Management                    deadline: ongoing  
Proteus, Inc. Scholarships                                                        deadline: varies  
Moving Scholarship                                                                   deadline: varies  
NuEnergy Scholarship                                                             deadline: varies  
Wholesale Halloween Costumes                                             deadline: ongoing  

Learn to Drive Scholarship                          deadline: May 1, annually                   


American Indian Graduate Center                          Contact for deadline date


Video Scholarships                      Contact for deadline date


Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Scholarship          Contact for deadline date

AlphaCard 7/1/15
2015 Davis Levin Livingston Scholarship 7/15/15
EverSpark JJ Hennessey Honorary Epilepsy Scholarship 7/31/15 8/1/15
The Clubs of America Scholarship for Career Success 8/31/15 9/1/15
Berbay Marketing & PR 12/1/15
Custom Furniture Scholarship 12/15/15
Custom Jewelry Scholarship 12/15/15
The Reeves Law Group 12/15/2015
HubShout Internet Marketing Scholarship Ongoing
Veterans United Foundation Scholarship Ongoing