Spartan Completion Grant Program

San José State University is committed to supporting the California State University (CSU) 2025 graduation initiative by assisting students to attain a quality education and complete their degrees in a timely manner. As part of a pilot program launched in Fall 2018, the University will provide grant funds to eligible graduating students to help reduce their debt on their University bill allowing them to concentrate on their education without financial worry.

Grant is established to assist students who are:

  1. On track to graduate within one year.
  2. In good academic standing.
  3. Have an outstanding financial registration fee balance owed to the University.

Grant Criteria:

  • Must be a California resident enrolled in undergraduate coursework
  • Have 30 units or less to graduate, including enrollment in current semester
  • Students enrolled in their last semester of attendance receive priority funding
  • Owe registration fees for the current semester
  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Be in good academic standing with the University and meet satisfactory academic standards for financial aid

Funding is limited, not all students will qualify for awarding. Completion grants are a one-time offer.  

Additional Information:

We encourage all  students to take advantage of the campus resources to ensure a successful transition towards graduation and future employment:

Career Planning - launch your career and learn of your employment options

Financial Literacy - develop your knowledge to make thoughtful and informed decisions about your finances

Financial Counseling - speak to a financial aid counselor regarding the application process and types of financial aid available to plan accordingly for your education.

Applications are not required

Eligible recipients are selected by the use of the program criteria by a campus committee. For questions on the Spartan Completion Grant, contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, Student Services Center (9th and San Fernando Street), or (408) 283-7500.