Office Staff


Coleetta McElroy, Director

Geri Soto, Administrative Assistant

Marcus Rogers, Financial Aid Intern

Operations and Technical Services Unit

Lucy Serrato-Lager, Assistant Director

Gloria S. Alva, Financial Aid Technician

Jared Blanton, Administrative Support Coordinator

Neelam Keshwani, Technical Lead

Vici Layus, Administrative Support Coordinator

Ha Luu, Analyst/Programmer

Jessica Parks, Administrative Support Coordinator

Gale Shorter, Administrative Support Coordinator

Maria Silva, Administrative Support Coordinator

Counselor and Advisor Unit

Carolyn Guel, Assistant Director

Jaclyn Banaga, Advisor/Verification Specialist

Evyn Bejarano, Advisor/Verification Specialist

Anthony Bettencourt, Senior Counselor

VACANT, Counselor/Scholarship Coordinator

Karen Eul, Scholarship Assistant

Ann Fernandes, Counselor/Verification Coordinator

Carol Garcia, Counselor/Special Programs Coordinator

VACANT, Advisor/Verification Specialist

Jenisha McCoy, Scholarship Assistant

Kim Ngo, Advisor/Verification Specialist

Thuy Oka, Counselor/State Programs Coordinator

Philip Smith, Counselor/Direct Loan Coordinator