Fee Deferral

What is a Tuition Fee Deferral?

A Tuition Fee Deferral protects course enrollment and delays the payment of tuition fees. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will place a tuition fee deferral on a student's record once all  financial aid documents posted on the student's MySJSU To-Do List have been received.      

How long does the Tuition Fee Deferral last?

The tuition fee deferral is temporary and is removed at the beginning of each semester, regardless of a student's financial aid status. To prevent enrollment cancellation, it is the student's responsibility to submit all requested financial aid documents to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office prior to the payment due date. Once tuition fee deferrals are removed, tuition fees MUST be paid by the payment due date regardless of a student's financial aid status.

How do I know if I have a Tuition Fee Deferral?

A tuition fee deferral indicator will be posted on the student's MySJSU. View Other Indicators located on the right-hand side of the student's MySJSU home page. Select Details to view the semester that corresponds to the tuition fee deferral.

Does the Tuition Fee Deferral apply to my housing charges?

No. The tuition fee deferral does not apply to housing charges. Please contact University Housing Services and speak to a Resident Accounts Coordinator to discuss housing charges due date.