Fire Safety

What to do in Case of Fire!

Know ...

  • The locations of fire extinguishers nearest to your workplace.
  • Your nearest emergency exit.
  • The alarm signal - the continuous alarm on every floor of the building.

If you discover a fire ...

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm and alert those around you by shouting or other effective means.
  • Evacuate via the nearest exit.  (See Office Emergency Map near exit doors.)
  • If the fire is small, try to use a fire extinguisher to put it out.  Do so only if you're not risking anyone's safety, including your own.

If you hear the fire alarm signal ...

  • When the alarm sounds, all in the building must evacuate immediately.

Evacuation Procedures

  • Don't panic.  Look for the nearest exit sign and evacuate.
  • Close all doors along the escape route, including doors to stairways, rooms, etc. to isolate or enclose the fire and prevent the spread of smoke or fire to other floors.
  • Assembly point - As soon as you leave the building, go to the designated assembly area and report to the building attendants so that s/he knows you are safely out of the building.  Do not disperse or reenter the building until instructed to do so.

More Fire Safety Information