Planning, Design & Construction Projects


Student Union Expansion Renovation

The project will add approximately 100,000 SF of expansions and renovate existing Student Union. The building will have new ballroom, food court,theater, meeting rooms, and student program spaces.

  • Status Construction Phase
  • Construction Duration: 9/2010-6/2014
  • Total Construction Estimate: $65,000,000
Student Union Expansion Sketch Drawing

Spartan Complex Renovation

The primary project objectives are to upgrade the existing structural system of the complex to be concurrent with the current building codes,correct ADA deficiencies,correct fire life safety deficiencies,construct new infrastructure, make program modifications, and hazmat abatement.

  • Status Construction Phase
  • Phase I Construction consists of the YUH and
  • YUH Annex, from 7/2013 -7/2014
  • Phase II construction consists of SPXC and
  • SPXE, from 8/2014-8/2015
Spartan Complex Sketch Drawing

Student Health & Counseling Center

The project is a new 3 story 52,000 SF building located on 7th Street and Paseo de San Carlos. The building will house Student Health Center, Counseling Services and Wellness Center.

  • Status Construction Phase
  • Construction Duration: 6/2013-1/2015
  • Total Construction Estimate: $24,600,000
Student Health Center Sketch Drawing

Moss Landing Aquaculture Laboratory

The proposed project replaces the existing structures which were damaged by earthquake. The project consists of 1,400 square feet of aquaculture lab building and 1,584 square feet of tank slab area.The project is funded by grants from the Packard Foundation.

  • Status - Construction Phase
  • Construction Duration: 8/2013-212014
  • Total Construction Estimate: $810,000
Moss Landing Marine Lab Aerial Photo

Spartan Stadium End Zone Building

The 61,000 GSF facility will house sports medicine and athletic training space, a football team locker room,football coaching staff offices ,meeting rooms,a hall of fame,and an auditorium. The facility will serve the day-to-day operations of the athletic department,and provide hospitality space on game days. It will be located at the South Campus site,north of Spartan Stadium.

  • Status - Design Phase
  • Construction Duration: 2/2014-9/2015
  • Total Construction Estimate: $32,000,000
Spartan Stadium End Zone Building Sketch Drawing

Campus Village Phase 2

A new 850 bed student housing is being proposed at the corner of 9th Street and Peseo de San Carlos. The new building will house up to 850 beds, common study rooms, lounge, multi-purpose room, recreation space, and other support spaces. It is expected to be a 10 story high rise building.

  • Status - Planning Phase
  • Construction Duration: 6/2014-7/2016
  • Total Construction Estimate: $100,000,000
Campus Village Phase 2 Map Drawing

Campus Construction & Utility Projects Map

Campus Construction & Utility Projects Map

Campus Construction Fencing Map

Campus Construction Fencing Map