What We Do

To accomplish the stated mission, PDC plays a significant role in master planning, capital planning, design & capital project management for the university. It also functions as the Building Official assigned to the campus by the CSU trustees in enforcing CSU permitting procedures, reviews and approvals. Critical programs managed by PDC include the following project delivery methods:

Major Capital Outlay Program

Major Capital projects are the larger projects on campus which may include retrofitting, upgrading and new construction of entire facilities that adhere to the campus Master Plan. San Jose State University maintains a prioritized list of needed projects in the Five Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) which is submitted to the CSU Chancellor's Office annually. The Chancellor then compiles and prioritizes a list of projects from all of the 23 CSU campuses statewide and funds them in their prioritized order as funds become available.

Minor Capital Outlay Program

This program is used for smaller projects that typically focus on corrections in building deficiencies, providing new or improved facilities, or providing equipment for new or improved facilities, and have estimated costs of $600,000 or less. The PDC team compiles a prioritized list annually of recommended projects. This list is reviewed and approved by the Academic Deans and Administrative Heads.

Job Order Contract

The JOC program is for minor projects that don't necessarily require building permits. These projects include items such as equipment installation, interior finishes such as paint, carpet and doors, landscaping, irrigation, roofing, and electronic upgrading such as new computers and computer projection devices.

Campus Resources

  • Important documents related to PDC can be found on our forms and publications page. Including but not limited to the following:
    • Department Owners:
      Building Permit Checklist, Request for Change in Space Allocation, Minor Capital Checklist, Major Capital Checklist
    • Contractors:
      Public Works Service Agreement Checklist, Contract Change Order Procedures, Building Permit Checklist,
    • Other Documents:
      Main Campus Map, Main Campus Master Plan, South Campus Master Plan, Master Plan Report
  • Current Projects
  • All other projects that do not include planning, design or construction are considered maintenance and are handled by submitting a request for service to our i-Service Desk work order system.