Who We Are

PDC is a unit of Facilities Development & Operations headed by William Shum, AIA, Director and official Campus Architect. The division is comprised of project managers, space & facilities planners, architects, contracts administrators drafting technicians, office administrators and student assistants.

PDC is responsible for the conception, planning, development, and construction project management of university facilities to support the academic mission of SJSU. It is the driving force behind successful completion of several University and Auxiliary Group construction projects regarded as milestones in the history of the university.

The architectural group of the unit is comprised of 4 licensed architects who serve as construction project managers.

The planning staff maintains and manages the electronic databases related to university facilities, including the State Facilities Database (SFDB), and supports related workflow processes in capital and physical planning; providing space management and utilization analysis support for the planning efforts of the group as well as serving as liaison to the CSU Chancellor's Office (CSUCO).

The Public Works Contracts Administration team takes care of bidding and contract awards, construction administration support, compliance documentation, risk management and evaluation and document management.

PDC works closely with the various offices & departments of FD&O in reconciling and preparing electronic CADD files for bid, construction and archiving.

The construction and building archives are managed and maintained by the Administrative team who provide support to the entire unit.


Plan and Design with Aesthetic Sense; Manage Projects to Provide Stability for the Campus Community