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Submitting Requests for Service

All service requests can be submitted through the i-Service Desk. Please call 408-924-1990 for all emergency requests.

Routine Service Requests

Routine maintenance is defined as a systematic day-to-day process to control deterioration and provide for the basic operation of the University's physical facilities. These services are provided by Facilities Development and Operations through the General Fund budget allocation and are accomplished by utilizing specific task and frequency schedules, responding to service requests from campus departments, and through periodic inspection and correction efforts.

Non-Routine Service Requests

Facilities Development and Operations operates on a fee basis for non-routine facilities-related service requests. Recovering costs for non-routine maintenance through Cost Allocation ensures that the limited resources provided to the University for maintenance are used solely to maintain the University's physical assets.

Examples of Routine vs. Non-Routine Service Requests

Service Priorities and and Response Time

New! FF&E Permit Requirements

Prior to submitting a requisition to Contracts & Purchasing Services for FF&E items, please refer to the Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment (FF&E) Permit Policy to determine whether or not a permit is required by Facilities Development & Operations.

FF&E Permit Requirements (PDF)

Request for FF&E Installation Permit (PDF)

Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment Permits are required for the following:

  • Items weighing over 400 pounds
  • Items over 5 feet, 9 inches in height
  • systems and modular furniture regardless of height
  • items being installed or placed in a hallway or other area of egress
  • items such as fume hoods, portable generators, portable kilns
  • items which require alteration to existing electrical, mechanical, plumbing or structural design
  • items which are intended to alter the usage or occupancy of a classroom, lab or offices

In addition, there are items for which permits are not required, but strongly recommended for review and those items that do not require FF&E permits prior to purchase.

Campus requestors should utilize the criteria to determine the need to submit a Work Order with iService for FD&O review prior to sending a requisition for purchase to Contracts & Purchasing Services.  This will minimize potential delays.

Once a permit is approved, it should be attached to the requisition and forwarded for purchase.

Fee for Service Program

Effective January 1, 2012