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BA - Radio-Television-Film

BA - Theatre Arts

BA - Theatre Arts, Preparation for Teaching

Minor - Radio-Television-Film

Minor - Musical Theatre

Minor - Theatre Arts

MA - Theatre Arts


The degree programs in TRFT offer advanced education and experience in theatre, film, broadcasting and other electronic media. The department provides a liberal arts approach that examines the history and variety of media and theatre arts while teaching students to be analytical, imaginative, collegial problem-solvers, able to work together to achieve common goals. These skills may be applied to many fields of endeavor.

Our Majors also provide a strong production-oriented education for students specifically seeking careers in media and performing arts and the many related fields of the entertainment and communications industry. We prepare students for professional careers as performers, directors, writers, producers, designers, technicians, and managers.


The RTVF Major offers training and experience in radio, television, film, and multimedia production as well as courses in history, research, and aesthetics of these media. The department operates a full time 24-hour a day radio station, KSJS 90.5 that provides entertainment, sports and community service to the Bay Area. The department also creates feature films through Spartan Film Studios as well as other faculty, staff and student production projects.

San José State University recognizes the need for an interactive and productive education in the field of the arts. RTVF students are given multiple opportunities to perform, write, and direct their own works in preparation for a successful career in the Hollywood arts.

Theatre Arts

Theatre has been a dynamic force on SJSU's campus since the earliest days of the University.  The official Department of Theatre was established in 1928 with an emphasis on "dramatic study and stage craft . . . a field that stretches far and wide and is rich with possibilities." Today, we emphasize the contemporary role of theatre education: to prepare our students to be active, inventive and disciplined performers working with a team in creative enterprise.

The Theatre Major emphasizes a strong foundation in acting, directing, writing, design and entertainment technologies.  Theatre Arts students study the history and practices of theatre with a particular emphasis on the interrelationship between theatre and contemporary performance cultures.

Theatre Arts' production program gives students a wide range of performance opportunities from professionally-oriented mainstage productions, to experimental and new-play production workshops, to feature-length film, broadcasting, web and site-specific performances.

The distinguished faculty and alumni of SJSU Theatre Arts play significant roles in the cultural life of the Bay Area, as well as the broader entertainment industry, as performers, designers, directors, writers, and administrators.  In this way SJSU Theatre's network connects our students directly to the professional world and to a wide range of career opportunities.