John Kerr Award for Outstanding Contribution and Scholarship

John Kerr


2015 Lisa Layman
2014 Alexis Costanza
2013 Pierce Leggin
2012 Ami Garcia
2011 Amber Hedges
2010 Zachary Sutherland
2009 Kevin Eitel
2009 James Jeffrey
2008 Andrew Hellesen
2007 Andrea Garcia-Villa
2006 Zoe O’Connor
2005 Adrianne Zaragoza
2004 Rae Fisher
2003 Susan Bartholomew
2002 Theresa Lubeley
2001 AdrienneMuller
2001 Michaela Starr
2000 Jeanna Hurd
1994 Rachael Haws
1992 Theresa Boteilho
1991 Luba Markoff
1989 Tom Carter
1977 Brenda Joy Stinson
1976 John Patrick Waddell
1975 Brian Lewis
1974 Sally Ann Cotton Douglas
1973 William Jeffrey Hickman

John Kerr received his CB.A. from the University of Washington and his M.F.A, from the Art Institude of Chicago in the Goodman Theatre in 1941. He came to San Jose State College in 1948, and taught Acting, Directing, Creative Dramatics, and Children’s Theatre.

The John Richard Kerr Award was established in 1961 and is given for Outstanding Contribution and Scholarship: the Department MVP (Most Valuable Player).