Scholarly Research and Critical Studies

We aren't just about production.

The TRFT Program at San Jose State University includes an emphasis in scholarly production in theatre, film and media studies.

Its faculty and students regularly produce original critical research and are participants in local, state, national, and international conferences and publications.

Among the classes in film and media history, theory and criticism are:

  • RTVF 10: Film as Art
  • RTVF 80: Introduction to Electronic Media
  • RTVF 82: Introduction to Film History
  • RTVF 110: Electronic Media and Culture
  • RTVF 111: Alternative Cinema/International Cinema
  • RTVF 181: Modern Film History
  • RTVF 183: Critical Studies and Research in RTVF
  • RTVF 185: Special Topics in RTVF Studies
  • RTVF 199H: Honors Program

RTVF faculty who teach and/or publish  in film and media studies include:

  • Professor Mike Adams (retired)
  • Instructor Jay Boekelheide
  • Professor Harry Mathias
  • Dr. Kimb Massey
  • Dr. Alison McKee
  • Professor Scott Sublett
  • Dr. Drew Todd

Theatre Arts information regarding scholarship and courses will be added soon.