SJSU OpenGov Financial Transparency

San José State University has partnered with OpenGov, a web-based application, as a way to facilitate better communication about the budget process, revenue streams and actual expenditures on campus. This web-based tool simplifies complicated financial data from the Common Financial System (CFS) Data Warehouse into an easy-to-read and understand format. SJSU's OpenGov site is available here.


The Administration and Finance Division has traditionally shared information about the budget through open forums, newsletters and in meetings with financial decision makers across campus.  Budget information and financial statements are publicly available and posted to the finance webpage.  Recognizing that most casual enquirers may not have the financial acumen to accurately read the existing documents, this new tool will provide more information to any student, staff, or faculty member by distilling budget and expenditure details into graphs and pie charts.  A custom reporting tool will also facilitate communication for budget analysts and administrators in sharing data within their departments or people who are unfamiliar with SJSU’s existing financial reporting and analysis tools.


A series of demos and trainings will be available in the coming months for different stakeholders. Please check back periodically for news and updates regarding the SJSU OpenGov Financial Transparency Project.


OpenGov FAQs