Direct/Indirect Costs


State agencies, the CSU Chancellor’s Office, and SJSU provide services to non-CSU Operating Fund entities. These services are billed a variety of ways.

Chancellor’s Office/State of California Direct and Indirect Costs

The Chancellor’s Office sends an annual Financial Memo summarizing direct and indirect costs for the following fiscal year. Contact the Budget Office for more detail, or if you need another copy of the memo.

SJSU Cost Allocation Plan

San José State University is required by the Chancellor’s Office via Executive Order 1000 to recover any costs incurred by the CSU Operating Fund for services, products, and facilities provided to other CSU Funds and to Auxiliary Organizations.

SJSU accomplishes this goal by preparing an annual Cost Allocation Plan (include link to most recent plan – draft or final, cover page only). A draft of the plan is available in the spring for fiscal planning, and the plan is updated and finalized in the fall once year end data is available and costs to be allocated and recovered are known.

Cost allocations are recovered quarterly to non-CSU Operating Fund entities in September, December, March and June.

For more details about the SJSU Cost Allocation Plan, please contact the Budget & Financial Management Office.