Budgeting for Federal Work Study


Through a pre-established FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application process, students may receive a Federal work study award based on their financial needs. For additional information, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office website.

The SJSU Federal Work Study program includes:

  • On Campus employers: various departments
  • On-Off Campus employers: Student Union, University Housing Services, Foundation, etc.
  • Off Campus employers: School districts, city and county governments, etc.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office provides the Budget Office with an On Campus Federal Work Study allocation amount for each division. The Budget Office allocates these amounts to the divisions.

For CSU Operating Fund departments, the Budget Office also transfers the 30% matching requirement from each division’s OE&E budget into the Work Study account. The On-Off Campus and Off Campus Agencies’ work study allocations are sent to Accounting Services. The On and On-Off Campus’ payrolls are processed through the university payroll system and Off Campus payrolls are processed by agencies’ payroll systems. The agencies then receive reimbursements from the university for the Federal portion. Please see Accounting Services for information on moving work study expenses and processing of the On-Off Campus and Off Campus Work Study for Agencies and Auxiliaries.

It is the responsibility of the departments and agencies to manage their student work study award and their On Campus Federal Work Study budget each fiscal year. Departments must fund all overruns.